Solar Panel Installation in California

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Solar panels are generally a large investment, however they provide many benefits to any home or business property owner who uses them. They yield huge savings on electricity bills, improve the value of a home and are great for the environment. Our expert California solar panel installers are well versed in roofing and electrical systems to ensure our installations will last for years to come. To schedule a time to meet with our professionals, give us a call at

How California Solar Systems Generate Energy

Photovoltaic, otherwise known as PV, are materials that produce electrical power when exposed to light. This energy’s form is direct current (DC power), the DC is then routed to an inverter. From this inverter, usually mounted in an area such as the garage or basement so it’s is out of sight, the energy is transformed from DC power to alternating current (AC power).

AC power is the same electricity that utility companies deliver to your property with their power lines. The alternating current is sent to your home, outbuilding or commercial building’s electrical panel, providing you or your business with electricity.


A comprehensive residential or commercial solar power system will generally produce more power than the structure (your home, garage, or building) will use from day to day. This results in an excess batch of energy that can be fed back onto the electrical grid which is eventually sold to the power company. This means you can receive a discounts on your monthly bill or potentially a credit on your electric bill.

The Benefits of Solar Panel Installation in California

California is one of the states with the highest energy bills in the entire country. A solar panel can reduce those costs to zero, or near zero, depending on the size and energy usage of the house or business property.

If your locale offers a net metering program, which is when your solar system generates more power than you use, your electric meter will run backwards—meaning that you are giving power to the grid, rather than taking it—and you will receive a credit on your electric bill.

Net metering can end up saving you thousands of dollars over the course of a few years. It can also make money, thanks to the power company paying you for the excess energy that you feed back into the grid.

All this can help to increase the value of your property. Homes and business properties with solar panels also get sold faster, meaning they are a good investment, even if you plan to move out of your current property.

Solar power is also beneficial to the environment as it does not use fossil fuels that can release pollutants into the atmosphere. Call us at or request online to schedule an estimate for solar panel installation in California.