Can Solar Panels Be Installed On Metal Roof?

A question for many homeowners is whether solar panels can be installed on a metal roof. This is because most people have been used to the bricks and asphalt shingles but metal roofing has become popular in recent days.

According to the National Roofing Contractors Association and other related organizations, metal roofing has continued to attract more people due to their affordability and durability. This leaves many homeowners wondering whether installing solar panels on metal roofs is a good idea or not. The fact remains that solar panels can be installed on metal roofs.  

Why is it right to find an expert to install my solar panels on a metal roof? 

Not every solar installer is an expert in metal roof solar panel installation but there are many companies and experts who are well versed with the process. This means that some solar installers may not quote the job but you should look for someone who has the experience and willing to install the solar panels.

There are also different types of metal roofs and the installation process works differently on each of them. Again, it means that the company installing your solar panels should be in a position to know the type of solar panels that are going to work perfectly on your roof. 

Why you should install your solar panels on a metal roof

Installing solar panels on a metal roof is a good idea due to the durability, ease of installation, and environmental benefits that come with it. Even though some installers are not conversant with the process, installing solar panels on metal roofs is quite easy because no drilling on the roof would be required.

The solar installer may use the standing seam metal roofs, the metal tile roofs, the corrugated metal roofs, or some other advanced methods to install solar panels on your metal roof. This means that you don’t have to worry about holes being made on your roof which would have led to water leakages. 

Why thin-film solar panels are ideal for a metal roof

Thin-film solar panels are an ideal option for those that have metal roofs and they work so well when standing on seams. The thin films usually entail a lower profile and therefore easier to install. The thin films are also known for their low manufacturing energy which makes them cheaper. Besides the thin-film panels, solar metal roofs can also incorporate the standard PV panels quite well. Metal roofs durability is another reason why installing solar panels there is a good idea.

It is quite clear that the metal roofs are the most durable conventional roofing material available in the market. This means that they will possibly outlive the 25-year lifespan of the solar panels. Additionally, the solar panels can improve the cooling conditions of the metal roof hence prolonging its life span. This means that a metal roof is surely an ideal place to install your solar panels. 

Things you should consider when installing your solar panels on a metal roof

There are some things that should be considered when installing solar panels on a metal roof. Make sure that you have the clamps that correctly fits your metal roof. When you have the correct clamps, the roofing seams will not be bent and your roof’s warranty won’t be affected.

The installer should be able to find solutions for the reverse seam decks. It is usually difficult to deal with the reverse seam decks because they are too thin and makes mounting hard. It is important to configure the rails east-west when the seams run the north-south direction.

Doing this will add strength to the system. It would also be necessary to check what has been mounted below the roof to avoid crushing the foam insulations which are usually directly under some decks. This are some of the things which should be considered for the successful installation of solar panels on a metal roof. 


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